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Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights which includes trademarks, patents, copyrights, service marks, designs and confidential information (trade secrets), know-how etc is not new to India. However in recent times there is greater awareness about safeguarding Intellectual property. Intellectual Property Rights law offers exclusionary rights to the creator or inventor against any misappropriation or use of work without his/her prior knowledge.

Unless timely steps are taken to safe guard intellectual property rights, such lapses may shake the very existence of the business. Intellectual property right consists of right to control the use of technology and creative material, including rights in artistic, musical and literary work, and the right to prevent others from misusing certain marks, symbols and drawings and in distinguishing one from the other. It is an effective tool at the hands of a owner or an innovator can protect his innovation etc. from being imitated .In many case the loss caused by such illegal practice cannot be assessed in terms of money as it is an intangible asset of any corporate entity.

Our service in Intellectual Property matters include Scientific discoveries Trademarks, Patents, Copyright and Designs, Technical know-how, Trade secrets Protection against unfair competition, Literary, commercial names and designations , Industrial Design Rights, artistic and scientific works, Inventions in all fields of human endeavor, software licensing, technology transfers, franchise agreements, technical services and other related services.
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